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For the past … however long it’s been … since I created my mIRC script and ran the script in my favorite subscribers channels, I have now discontinued it.

I figured it was probably about time. Nothing lasts forever. I felt my chat bot became more of an annoyance than it really helped anything. I’m going to be focusing on streaming and less on being a moderator. Also, I’m job searching, so time will become much less soon.

There are plenty of other platforms now that help announce subscribers and it was probably time to put the bot out to pasture.

Thanks everyone for your interest.

mIRC Script for Welcoming Subscribers

This script is now discontinued and no longer supported.

Have mIRC installed & connect to TwitchTV IRC (google has easy guides to connect, additional links below).

How to add a script (copy & paste):

Go to Tools > Script Editor, make sure you’re on the “Remote” tab.




Here is the script in it’s entirety. Use this script if you feel comfortable picking it apart yourself. I spent two days re-doing the whole script! Watch my TwitchTV stream if you’re curious or have questions about development.

  • Use the streamer’s subscriber emotes!
  • Ask permission from the streamer if you’re allowed to use this script. <3 Respect!
  • Avoid using this in Towelliee’s or Ezekiel_iii’s stream, his mods don’t like it and will ban you.

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Helpful Info:

Twitch re-subscription change:

Twitch migrate to AWS:

How to get mIRC:

How to connect to Twitch and to retrieve your Oauth password:

To remove the JTV messages, use this command in mIRC:

/ignore jtv!*@*.*


Here’s my complete script: