Chat Rules


  • Hate speech and harrassment OF ANY KIND, will be banned and reported.
  • #TeamPositivity: We don’t tolerate hate or negative energy of any kind. We’re a small community dedicated to having fun. Keep it fun.
  • Do not post your age in chat. We’re an 18+ Mature channel. If you’re underage and you click agree to enter, the consequences are yours to deal with.
  • NO Politics or Religion arguments. Sometimes we debate or like to learn something new, but keep it positive and respect others.
  • Looking to promote yourself? Follow, host and interact. Become a part of the community. That’s how we remember you. No links or advertising.
  • Please be respectful to the Streamer, Mods and fellow viewers. The Moderators keep the peace. And they will. Always.
  • Anything against Twitch Terms of Service will be purged or banned.
  • Do not post Spoilers (even as a joke), or be overly aggressive about Backseat Gaming. If I need help, I’ll ask.
  • No excessive spamming of letters, emotes, or symbols. Don’t do it. The bot will ban you. This includes: /me donates $10.00. Money doesn’t work that way. duh.
  • Speak English so we can all understand each other.
  • Interested in becoming a moderator? No.
  • Regulars will have extra permissions and privileges. (Requires 48 hours of stream time.)